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Enhance the Value of your home or office with the durable beauty of genuine stone.  There is no denying the universal appeal and longevity of natural stone products.  The enduring monuments of ancient Grecian, Roman and Egyptian empires attest to this fact.  Today, propelled by the “Green” Movement and the resurgence in popularity of natural materials, nearly 80% of homebuilders are incorporating natural stone products (i.e. Marble and Granite) in their projects.  Why? because it adds value to a home, especially when used in the kitchen or bath.

  • Enhances the beauty / value of your home or office 
  • Unique - No two jobs are alike
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Green product

  • Never a job site cut required
  • Product of Idaho

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Our Products.

Idaho Rock Works

benefits of choosing natural river rock tile!

Unique!  Looking for something new, different and exciting for your next project?  Tiling with river rock from Idaho Rock Works produces tiled surfaces that make you say “WOW!”  This product is new on the market and absolutely unique.  Each job is custom and no two projects are ever alike!  We are able to cover a huge variety of surfaces with an even greater array of color and style choices (See photos of Sample Panels and our Project Gallery).  From the many hues of coarse, medium and fine freckled Granite, to the swirling stripes of igneous rock, to vivid greens, reds and purples, you can be sure that our product selections are as genuine and as unique as you are; choose the “flavor” that suits your tastes!

Lightweight! – While comparable to installed weights of traditional tile, it runs approximately 1/24th the weight of a typical 6” thick, whole-rock veneer. That being the case, it is now possible to enjoy the aesthetics of real river rock without the massive foundation/structural requirements of a typical whole-rock installation. Imagine an authentic river rock fireplace on the 20th floor! The only restrictions on the use of this product are the limits of your imagination!

Easy Installation! – We begin each job by either measuring, or templating the surface to be covered. We go around plumbing and electrical fixtures/outlets and can accommodate irregular shapes and angles. The entire job is laid out in our shop and taped together with a “Mosaic Tile Tape” to lock everything into position. Then it is broken down into manageable sections for shipping and installation. (See installation instructions for details.) Assuming we begin with an accurate template, you’ll never have to make a jobsite cut!

Product of Idaho! – Idaho Rock Works is a proud member of “Buy Idaho”. In the words of Governor Butch Otter: "The "Buy Idaho” message is simple but profound: Doing business with the family helps us all. That was the idea 20 years ago when I helped found Buy Idaho, and it’s still the idea today. Keeping our dollars here at home contributes to our economic growth. It helps pay for the schools, services and infrastructure we all need to compete in the global marketplace. It just makes good sense to Buy Idaho.”

"Taking the Beauty of Genuine River Rock to a New Thin Dimension"

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