Idaho Rock Works is committed to complete customer satisfaction through the manufacture of a unique and superior eco-friendly product. With all the hype surrounding the many benefits of going green, it’s difficult to justify any other path.  The use of Natural Tile from Idaho Rock Works can contribute to LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) in 4 of the 5 categories:

1) Materials and Resources -- Unlike the majority of Dimensional Stone Products that originate half way around the globe, ours is a local product.  Idaho Rock Works collects and processes its’ raw material right here in Idaho.  And, there is nearly zero environmental impact since all of our material is hand selected from the surface.  There is no mining or heavy equipment involved in the process, no trucking to a shipping port, no trans-oceanic shipping, no subsequent shipping to fabrication facilities and distribution centers; just one short hop to our shop, then straight to you. 

 2) Sustainable Sites -- Working under the appropriate permitting agency, we “harvest” nearly all of our raw material from the expansive rock/gravel bars of Idaho’s famed Salmon River.  Each year, the high waters of spring runoff replenish these rock bars for the next seasons “harvest”.

3) Water Efficiency (In Production) -- We use a wet diamond blade saw to slice our raw material.  Utilization of a Closed Loop Filtration System allows us to minimize water consumption, while extracting the only waste product from our production process – inert rock powder, or rock sawdust.

4) Indoor Environmental Quality -- Emitting zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), inert rock tile from Idaho Rock Works is a melodious compliment to the expanding myriad of eco-friendly building materials.

little to zero environmental impact.

Green Commitment.

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